Sujay Santra
Sujay Santra - Founder & CEO, iKure

Sujay Santra

Founder & CEO, iKure

10.2 million Population covered
5400+ SHG members

Even with 23,391 primary health centers (PHCs) and 145,894 sub-centers, India's primary healthcare system lacks quality primary and preventive care. Only 25% outpatient services and 45% inpatient care services are availed by the people as the centers are ill-equipped when it comes to resources, drugs and staff.

Most deaths in India are the ones that can be preventable/curable/treated in other parts of the world. With a vision to create zero mortality in primary healthcare, Sujay Santra founded iKure. iKure is a social enterprise that delivers primary healthcare and wellness and prevention services to communities in India through innovative technology, trained frontline health workers, network of hub and spoke clinics.

“Our purpose is to bridge the rural-urban divide in healthcare delivery and reduce the inequity in accessing affordable quality healthcare, where technology is a major enabler towards ensuring continuity of care” says Santra, Founder & CEO.

Till now, iKure has established nine hubs and 160 touchpoints, covered 10.2 million across seven states, treated 1.1 million people, onboarded 5400+ self-help group members and touched around 5200 villages. The enterprise boasts of 220 technology, research and global partners. It has its eyes set on countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Middle-east and North Africa.

“Currently, India has 1 doctor for every 1,700 people in the population, a ratio that is far below the minimum ratio of 1:1,000 specified by the World Health Organization. It still needs over 5,00,000 doctors to attain this standard. Over 600 million people live with little or no access to healthcare. Of these, 50% live in rural areas. The country’s intent to invest in healthcare by 2025 stands at a meagre 2.5% compared with the global average of 6%. This shortage of primary healthcare in the last mile is what iKure is catering to,” says Santra.

iKure aims to create an integrated care continuum backed by innovative technology and scalable model. In the founder’s words, “it is only through technology that we can reach out to the people in need”. Their health management services span preventive, promotive and curative aspects of healthcare.

Despite such a fascinating journey, Santra feels the best is yet to come. “Through iKure, we want to enable access to technology-enabled integrated care, empower community health workers and implement behaviour change programmes to create holistic and sustainable impact in human lives,” he concludes.

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Our purpose is to bridge the rural-urban divide in healthcare delivery and reduce the inequity in accessing affordable quality healthcare.
Sujay Santra
Founder & CEO, iKure

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