What happens when business goals and social impact are in tandem? It creates socially aware organisations leading the change. Faces of Vibrant Bharat is a celebration of the pathbreaking work done by these sociopreneurs. It acknowledges and applauds the outstanding work done by socially aware organisations, which are at the forefront of change, making tangible impact.

Started in 2020 and focused on sociopreneurs, the initiative brings together these ‘hybrid’ enterprises and gives them a platform to connect, engage and inspire. The platform also gives these businesses an opportunity to interact with some of the biggest names in the business and enter fruitful collaborations.

Our Faces of a Vibrant Bharat reflect that collective effort can lead to long-term change. Their grit and passion combined with out-of-the-box ideas and unwavering commitment is what ticks them.

We, at Grant Thornton Bharat, believe that the exemplary work done by these sociopreneurs is the foundation of India’s emergence as a vibrant economy.